How to Get a Finance Manager Job
July 26, 2022

How to Get an IT Manager Job

How to Get a Finance Manager Job

The information technology (IT) industry seems to be bouncing back after an eventful couple of years. The COVID-19 pandemic brought tech to the forefront in many industries and with it greater demand for IT manager jobs, IT systems, and technical support. Because of this stabilization and ultimately the demand for these manager jobs, IT manager positions are becoming more attainable as an 11 percent growth is projected over the next ten years. 

This all begs the question: what is an IT manager? What is the exact job description, and how easy is it to find one of these jobs? The role of an IT manager is one that requires technical knowledge and expertise in information systems, but also demands the managerial skills of a program manager. We’ll walk you through more of what this job entails, how much money you can make, and more.  

What does an IT manager do?

When it comes down to it, IT manager is more than just a job title. The IT manager, in almost any organization, is responsible for managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure, as well as coordinating almost anything related to computer systems or software development within an organization. IT managers are often in charge of an IT team and will delegate responsibilities and tasks accordingly.  

An IT manager’s job always starts with a strategy, which informs how they’ll support an organization technologically. Some companies or fields demand more involved technology than others, so expertise will vary as will the number of team members an IT manager is responsible for. For example, in healthcare, IT plays a major, nuanced role in nearly every aspect of running a facility these days, so the work environment will be much different than the IT department at a weekly newspaper. As an IT director or manager, it’s your job to provide hands-on problem solving and answer to anything that needs to be resolved technologically.  

What qualifications should an IT manager have?

Being an IT manager, regardless of your specific title, requires numerous skills and a combination of strengths. Sometimes you might be more of a systems administrator, other times you may hold the title of Chief Information Officer, but it all comes down to the primary idea that your job is to manage the technology infrastructure of the organization you work for. With that comes a number of qualifications and basic expectations for experience and skills.  

Most entry-level IT manager roles require a Bachelor’s degree, with a major primarily in computer science or information technology. Technical knowledge is paramount, but the job also requires strong leadership, organizational and communication skills. This role, especially if the bulk of your day-to-day work is as an IT project manager overseeing multiple projects, requires the ability to manage all IT operations and delegate as necessary. Typically, most IT manager roles require five years of experience or more.  

What is the average salary for an information technology manager?

If the job of an IT manager sounds like something you’re interested in, it can be a fulfilling career path in many ways; not least of all, financially. With its close proximity to Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. is actually the fifth highest-paying state in the country for full-time IT managers, with manager salaries averaging $176,000 per year.  

Each year, a projected 42,400 IT manager jobs open up across the country, with the median salary being $159,010 nationwide. The current salary range for computer and information systems managers is $95,220 to $198,750. Encouragingly, in 2020 alone, there were 482,000 IT management positions.  

How can I become an IT manager?

If you find yourself attracted to the role of IT manager and you’ve got the skills and qualifications, you’re already on the road to a gratifying career. IT management careers can take you in all different directions, whether you’re working in New York or Houston, in IT service at a marketing firm or making your way up the chain as a senior manager..  

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From there, you can view hundreds of job postings, read each job summary, and determine for yourself which openings are the best fit. You can even find detailed info on which companies are the best to work for in the IT industry, so you stay informed as you move along in the process. We’ve compiled all the top jobs so that all you have to do when you’re ready to apply is click through to the original posting, and you’ll be one step closer to starting your career in IT management.