Matt Calkins, CEO of Appian

Matt Calkins

CEO, Appian

Tap into a Community of Innovators

Matt Calkins founded Appian in Fairfax County in 1999. Today, the world-leading Low-code Automation Platform company’s global headquarters are in Tysons, keeping it local. With access to top-notch talent, an impressive corporate campus, and neighbors like Amazon here in Northern Virginia, Calkins knows he made the right decision to stay.

Appian’s 2018 headquarters expansion meant investing even more in the region he loves. With the move, Appian added some 600 new employees to its team, demonstrating just one of the many advantages of Fairfax. A pool of intelligent, motivated, and creative talent has helped Calkins find employees to fuel the innovation that drives his enterprise. The company is built by those in the region, from its code to its board members, making it a true local success story .

Fast Facts
  • Hometown Hartford, CT (raised in Mill Valley, CA)
  • Current Home Rosslyn, VA
  • Industry Software provider

For Calkins, the region provides more than just talent. With effective transportation hubs nearby, it’s also easy to draw in new talent to the area. And once they are on Appian’s campus, it’s hard for talent to resist. Employees have access to a state-of-the art auditorium, cafeteria, lounge area and the health and recreation facilities offered by Valo Park that keep workers happy in a highly competitive job environment.

Fairfax County is the natural center of the Northern Virginia community and has been a great place for us to build Appian. It’s well-connected. It’s very well-educated. It’s a productive, pleasant and a high-expertise place to live and to work.