Kemi Joseph

Compliance Manager, Favor TechConsulting

A City for all Stages of Life

A local Fairfax High School graduate, Kemi Joseph jumped right back into her hometown after college. At Favor TechConsulting, she embraces the company’s drive to grow her profile in diverse ways. She’s confident that she won’t be left behind.

Set in Tysons in Fairfax County, her confidence is well-placed. The urban hub is growing, with a focus on sustainability, creating an environment befitting a tech company like Favor TechConsulting. For Kemi, however, it’s not just about her 9-5 role. Fairfax County is also a place where this new homeowner is proud to call home.

Fast Facts
  • Hometown Fairfax, VA
  • Current Home Alexandria, VA
  • Industry Consulting

She said she can’t see herself moving anywhere else, since there’s too much to do and achieve. With an active cultural scene, plenty of hotspots for nights out, and dining options aplenty, Kemi is confident that her life in Fairfax County will never get old.
Living here, I don’t feel like I would get stuck in an old routine. There are great places to eat, great bars, good nightlife, great places to brunch and munch. I always really love just going out and exploring.