Amir Zonozi

President and Co-founder, Zoomph

An Ideal Location for Talent Attraction and Retention

After graduating with an MA from Georgetown, Zonozi never imagined running Zoomph with his colleagues. The sponsorships analytics firm helps sports and esports team, leagues, brands and agencies connect with their audiences across social media, creating data-driven partnerships. For Zonozi, the best partnership so far has been with Reston, in Fairfax County.

For Zonozi, the mix of big players like Google and Microsoft mingling with startups makes this corner of Fairfax an exciting and fruitful choice. Events like Social Media Week Fairfax have spurred Zoomph’s networking and ideation, helping to keep the company at the forefront of audience analytics.

Fast Facts
  • Hometown Washington, D.C.
  • Current Home Reston, VA
  • Industry Analytics

As Zonozi said, Fairfax is full of spots for striking up conversations at local coffee shops with coders and tech types. With D.C. and mountains nearby, it offers the cultural mix and professional pool that attracted Zoomph and kept the company in Fairfax County.

For networking, for looking for people to hire, there are unlimited opportunities. I love the ability to go to professional events in the area.